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Employment Fund for Enterprises

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Universidad de Santiago employment is at the service of University students, graduates and professionals and it depends on the Directorate of Student Support, the Vice Presidency of Management and Student Development that, together with the Faculty of Administration and Economics, the Faculty of Engineering and soon the Technological Faculty, are forming a data base with a wide range of students, who graduated and got a title in our University.  Other Faculties and Academic Units are joining this project in the near future.

The students applying for jobs compatible with their academic activities are interviewed and selected for the diverse work required by the enterprises. They might work as cashiers, pollsters, telemarketing, children care, inventories, typing, private classes, call center, salesclerks, magazine delivery, promotions, groceries replacement, stands service or specific topics related to their activities, among others.

Our data base of graduates and professionals who got a title covers a wide range of professional necessities with qualified people in different areas. According to the necessities of the enterprise and institutions, we can find:

  • Area of Engineering Professionals: Civil and Execution Engineers in: Mechanics, Electricity, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Mines, Environment, Data Processing, Civil Works, Land Survey, Geographic, Air Conditioning, Textile, Industrial, Food Engineering, Structure Engineering.
  • Administration and Economics: Commercial Engineers, Public Accountants and Auditors, Public Administrators, Industrial Administration.
  • Sciences: Bachelors in Computer Sciences, Bachelors in Mathematics, Bachelors in Physics and Mathematics, Engineer in Statistics, Engineer in Mathematics, Engineer in Physics, Bachelors in Mathematics and Computing.
  • Chemistry and Biology: Bachelors in Chemistry, Technicians in Chemical and Physical Analysis.
  • Education: Teachers who are bachelors in Education: Spanish, English, History and Geography, Philosophy, English-Japanese Translation.
  • Schools: Psychologists, Journalists, Architects.
  • Medicine: Physicians, Nurses, Obstetricians.
  • Technicians: University Technologists and Technicians in: Industrial Drawing, Industrial Control, Food Industry, Maintenance of Industrial Equipment, Publicity, Personnel Administration, Construction, Instrumentation and Automation.


  • Universidad de Santiago Coordination

Elizabeth Veliz Filipp
Social Worker; Students Employment Head
Telephone: (56-2) 718 2519 


  • Coordination Faculty of Engineering

Pamela Bustos
Telephone: (56-2) 718 3041


  • Coordination of the Technological Faculty

Christian Vergara
Telephone: (56-2) 7180604